Spotkanie z panią Konsul USA

18 kwietnia br. uczniowie naszej szkoły mieli okazję spotkać się z panią Konsul USA ds. Prasy, Kultury i Edukacji Altheą Cawley- Murphree, która w tym dniu odwiedziła Miejską i Powiatową Bibliotekę Publiczną w Raciborzu. Konsul wygłosiła wykład, w którym tłumaczyła na czym polega praca dyplomaty. Następnie uczniowie mogli zadawać pytania i bezpośrednio porozmawiać z panią konsul.

A. Rozłucka-Jankowska


On April 18th 2024, students from our school had the opportunity to meet the US Consul for Press, Culture and Education – Althea Cawley-Murphree, who visited the Public Library in Racibórz on that day. The consul gave a fascinating lecture and explained what the work of a diplomat is. The students have learned that diplomats must handle stressful and difficult situations calmly and adapt quickly to changing situations. They work with people from other cultures with different values, political beliefs, and religions. So, diplomats must have good judgement and high integrity, and they need strong analytical skills. Ms Cawley-Murphree shared with the students some interesting facts regarding the requirements for a US visa waiver programme and the reasons why there is the US Consulate in Kraków while there is the US Embassy in Warsaw. Later, the students were able to ask questions and talk directly to the consul. There were many ambitious and engaging questions asked, for instance:


” What is the current USA strategy regarding the situation on the easter border of NATO?”

“Could it be argued that the democracy in the USA has gone too far, particularly in terms of access to firearms? What are the current perspectives on gun control policies in light of recent events?”

“Would you consider the USA a safe country to live in?”

“What are the main causes of homelessness in the USA?”


All the best,

M. Jasiczek
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